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Census Bureau: Statistical Abstract of the U.S.  
Compilation of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the U.S.  |  Also: U.S. Census Bureau  
CIA: World Factbook  
Country-specific information compiled by the Central Intelligence Agency.  
Country Profiles  
Current geographic, social, economic, and political summaries by country.  |  Also: Country Studies Archive  
Fact Monster  
Almanac and reference site for children.  
Fed Stats  
Easy access to official statistical information from numerous agencies.  
Infoplease Almanac  
Comprehensive collection of statistics on arts, business, sports, and more.  
International Statistical Agencies  
Directory of international statistical agencies, courtesy U.S. Department of Labor.  
Nation Master  
Contains country statistics, maps, flags, and graphs. - Almanac  
Old Farmer's Almanac  
Since 1792. Tide tables, sunrise times, weather forecasts, etc. - Almanac