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Census Bureau: Statistical Abstract of the U.S. Maps 5min Brainify Bloomberg Calculators BUBL American Cancer Society Abacus 5min Hulu Boston Globe Articulate Quotations Adobe Thunderbird 4Teachers Babel Fish Art History ARTINFO Acropolis Grammar & Composition
Compilation of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the U.S. Maps including satellite, traffic, and bird's-eye views. Instructional videos providing solutions to common questions. Academic social bookmarking and networking for college students. Auto, investment, mortgage, retirement, and loan calculators. Directory and search engine for acronyms and abbreviations. UK-based directory providing links to academic resources. Encyclopedia aggregator and one-stop-shop for academic information. Fighting cancer with research, education, patient care, and rehabilitation. Extensive catalog of book information, critical and reader reviews, and full-text search. Detailed introduction to the Abacus. History, interactive tutorial, etc. Instructional videos providing answers to common questions. Joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corp. Features TV shows and movies. Most widely-circulated newspaper in Boston, Massachusetts. Circulation: 350k. Easily create engaging online courses and narrated presentations. Quotation site listing popular quotes by author and topic. Expansive selection of top-tier development and creativity applications. Mozilla. Ready-to-use lessons, quizzes, rubrics and classroom calendars. Social network for academics. Connect and share research. Free online text and web page translation service. Powered by Systran. Artist biographies, timelines, movements and schools, museums, and galleries. International art news, museum and gallery information, and auction reviews. Archaeological museum featuring sculptures and artifacts from the Acropolis. Extensive resource for writing instruction and advice.  |  Also: U.S. Census Bureau - Acronyms - Also see: - Aggregator - Organization - 3-12  |  Also see: PBSNational Geographic - Boston, MA - Also see: Painting - Greece
CIA: World Factbook Bing Maps Aardvark CiteULike Acronym Finder Infomine Britannica Center for Disease Control Audible AMSER Academic Earth Metacafe Chicago Tribune Docstoc Familiar Quotations Audacity Windows Live Mail Cramster British Council Babylon Access Art Guardian: Art & Design British Museum APA Style
Country-specific information compiled by the Central Intelligence Agency. Interactive maps, directions and traffic, satellite and aerial images, and bird's eye view. Tool that taps into your social network to find the right answers fast. Search, organize, and share scholarly papers. Online unit measurement conversion and evaluation of math expressions. Dictionary of acronyms and abbreviations. Contains over 750,000 definitions. Browse and search scholarly Internet resources. Featuring 100,000 scholarly articles. Highly respected. HSS agency charged with protecting the public health and safety. Premier online audibook retailer with affordable subscription options. Applied math and science education repository. Links to outstanding resources. Thousands of video lectures from the world's top scholars. Specializes in short-form original video content. Leading newspaper in the Midwest. Circulation: 516k. Upload and share legal, financial, technical, educational, and creative documents. Published in 1911. Contains 11,000 quotations. Lots of pop-up ads. Free, easy-to-use audio editor with robust recording, editing, and conversion tools. Successor to Outlook Express for Microsoft Windows. Outstanding resource for online tutoring and self-study. Organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Simple, free translation software. Translates in 75 languages. Network of educational art sites offering activities and resources for artists. News and editorials on European art, architecture, design, and photography. Collection of seven million objects representing the rich history of human cultures. Summary of APA manual. Commonly used to cite sources within the social sciences. - Scholarly Papers - Acronyms - Encyclopedia - Government - 9-12 & Higher - Chicago, IL  |  Also see: Microsoft Outlook - United Kingdom  |  Also: APA Style
Country Profiles CIA: World Factbook AllExperts Clipmarks Convert-me Internet Scout Project Catholic Encyclopedia Booknotes Brightstorm: Math Big Think Vimeo Houston Chronicle Google Docs Quotations Book FastStone   Discovery School ERIC Bing Translator Artcyclopedia Los Angeles Times: Arts & Culture Flickr: The Commons BibMe
Current geographic, social, economic, and political summaries by country. Country-specific information compiled by the Central Intelligence Agency. Web's oldest question and answer site. Operated by Social learning tool. Clip and share interesting text, images, and video. Quick and easy online weights and measures conversion. Aggregator of definitions, encyclopedia entries, and language translations. Locates high-quality resources of interest to researchers and educators. 10,000 articles on Catholic history, interests, and doctrine. Easy-to-read drug information and useful online tools including a pill identifier. Online archive for C-SPAN’s award-winning author interview program. 800+ interviews. More than 2,000 short-form online video lessons by professional math teachers. Video interviews with 600+ thought leaders in a range of fields. Upload, share, and explore user-generated videos. Largest daily newspaper in Texas. Circulation: 494k. Create and share online documents, forms, presentations, and spreadsheets. Index of 40,000+ famous and community generated quotes. Free image browser, converter, and editor with outstanding red-eye removal. security Lesson plans, student activities, and video clips for teachers. More than one million journal articles and other education-related materials. Free online language translation service powered by Microsoft Machine Translation. Directory to online exhibits and image galleries for 9,000 artists. Coverage of arts and museums, architecture, photography, theater and dance. Gallery of copyright-free photos from the world's public photography archives. Automatically generate bibliographies for books, articles, films, and web sites.  |  Also: Country Studies Archive - Aggregator - Religion - Information Site - 6-12 - Houston, TX - K-12  |  Also see: Microsoft Research Blog
Fact Monster Google Earth Answerbag Connotea e-Tutor Graphic Calculator Cambridge ipl2 Columbia Department of Health and Human Services CliffsNotes Double Division Brightstorm YouTube Los Angeles Times Issuu Quotations Page GIMP Ad-Aware Ed Helper Google Translate Artists Network New York Times: Art & Design Guggenheim Chicago Manual of Style
Almanac and reference site for children. View satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, and even the canyons of the ocean. Community-driven question and answer site. Online reference management for researchers, clinicians, and scientists. Visually graphs functions of x entered in string format. Search multiple dictionaries from Cambridge University Press. Searchable, subject-categorized directory of authoritative web sites. Columbia's online encyclopedia offers 51,000 entries (and pop-up ads). Principal agency for protecting the health of U.S. citizens. Free literature notes and study guides covering all academic subject areas. Very creative variation on long division that reduces common frustrations. Short-form online video lessons by professional educators. Free math lessons. Hosts millions of user-generated and professional videos. Second-largest metropolitan newspaper in the United States. Circulation: 723k. Collect, share and publish digital documents and magazines. 26,000 quotations from 3,100 authors. Lots of pop-up ads. Free open source software for drawing, photo retouching, and image authoring. Free anti-malware software from Lavasoft. Teacher resources organized by subject matter and grade. Teacher resources and professional development programming across the curriculum. Google's free online language translation service. Translates text and web pages. Articles, videos, and instruction on fine art techniques for artists of all ages. Latest news on the world of art and design. Exhibit slideshows and reviews. Global network of contemporary art museums operated by the Guggenheim Foundation. Outline of bibliographic style most commonly used in the humanities. - Scholarly Papers - Formerly: Internet Public Library & Librarians' Internet Index - Encyclopedia - Government - 2-12 - Los Angeles, CA - K-9 - K-12  |  Also: Chicago Manual of Style
Fed Stats Google Maps Ask a Librarian Delicious Web2.0 Calculator Computer Definitions Intute Computer Desktop Encyclopedia Everyday Health The British Library Euclid CosmoLearning   San Francisco Chronicle Scribd Quoteland Google Docs avast! Antivirus EDSITEment National Council of Teachers of English Reverso Artsonia mashing Magazine J. Paul Getty Museum Common Errors in English Usage
Easy access to official statistical information from numerous agencies. Browse interactive maps, find local businesses, and get driving directions. Online reference service from the Library of Congress. Leading social bookmarking site and search engine. Trigonometry, matrices, complex numbers, unit conversion and more. Featuring 20,000 topics and 2,500 images. Search field at bottom of page. Database of resources for research and education. Featuring 20,000 topics and 2,500 images. Search field at bottom of page. Personalized health advice, tools, and communities. UK's leading research library. Catalog of 15 million books, newspapers, and journals. Theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics journals. Aggregator of free, online video lessons and documentaries. news services Daily broadsheet published in San Francisco, CA. Circulation: 312k. Publish, discover and discuss original writings and documents. Thousands of quotes organized under hundreds of topics. Create and share online documents, forms, presentations, and spreadsheets. Free antivirus and anti-malware program from Czech-based ALWIL Software. Information on the humanities for parents, students, and teachers. Professional development resources for English teachers. Sophisticated translation and word conjugation with audio pronunciations. Online art museum where young artists and students can display their work online. Latest trends in Web design and development and links to free resources. American and European paintings, drawings, sculptures, and decorative arts. Deals with common spelling mistakes in the English language. - Computers - Computers - Information Site - Also see: Online Gallery (powered by Silverlight) - Higher Education - San Francisco, CA - K-12 - Also see: Education at The Getty, Explore Art
Infoplease Almanac MapQuest Askville Diigo WebMath Confusing Words Open Directory Encyclopedia Mythica
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Hardin MD Google Books Figure This! Agence France Press Seattle Times SlideShare Microsoft Office AVG Free Anti-Virus Education World National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Systran Drawspace Times Online: Visual Arts Kunsthistorisches Museum Daily Writing Tips
Comprehensive collection of statistics on arts, business, sports, and more. Aerial/hybrid imagery and various tools for road navigation. Log in with your account to ask or answer questions. Highlight, annotate, and share web pages with this unique knowledge-sharing tool. Calculates answers and provides easy-to-understand explanations to math problems. Collection of more than 3,200 often-troublesome words. Largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the web. Premier encyclopedia covering mythology, folklore, and religion. Thousands of links to high quality health information and photos. Search the full text of books. Read books online. Interesting math challenges for middle-school students to try at home. Aggregator and host of educational videos. Largest French news agency and leading global news wire. Daily broadsheet published in Seattle, WA. Circulation: 289k. Share presentations online. Synch audio and backup original files. Thousands of famous quotations sorted by author. Leading, de facto standard productivity suite from Microsoft. Free antivirus and anti-spyware security software for Windows. Offers lesson plans, educator profiles, daily columns, and more. Professional and classroom resources for math teachers. Market-leading provider of language translation software products and solutions. Drawing tutorials available online or for download in PDF format. News, features, and reviews of European art and architecture. One of the premier museums of fine arts and decorative arts in the world. Blog featuring simple yet effective tips to improve your writing.  |  Also: MapQuest Atlas - 2-12 - Dictionary - Mythology - Directory - 5-9 - Seattle, WA  |  Also see: Office Live - K-12 - Also see: Illuminations - Austria
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International Statistical Agencies Nation Master Brain Boost by Digg Wolfram Alpha RefSeek Reference Directory Encyclopedia of Life Healia LibriVox Free Math Help Futures Channel Associated Press The New York Times VoiceThread Wikiquote Open Office Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Educator's Reference Desk National Education Association   National Art Education Association   Louvre The Economist Style Guide
Directory of international statistical agencies, courtesy U.S. Department of Labor. Atlas containing maps with numerous informational overlays. Outstanding semantic Q&A search by Community-driven social news/bookmarking site. Computes answers using built-in algorithms and a growing collection of data. Includes definitions from American Heritage, Random House, and Merriam-Webster. Guide to the absolute best online reference resources. Database of scientific information on and photographs of known species. Health search engine, information, and online community. Free audio files for books from the public domain read by volunteers. Math lessons, math games, and math help message boards. High quality multimedia content ideal for use in the classroom. Global news network. Source for thousands of news outlets. National newspaper of record. Daily broadsheet. Circulation: 1,038k. Innovative tool for creating collaborative media slideshows with social narration. Online compendium of sourced quotations from notable sources. Open-source productivity suite sponsored by Sun Microsystems. Outstanding, free anti-malware software with a very small installation footprint. Links to more than educational 3,000 resources. Committed to advancing the cause of public education.   Leading professional organization for art educators -- pre-K through grade 12.   Centuries of paintings and sculptures. Home to such iconic work as the Mona Lisa. General advice on writing, common errors and clichés, and guidance on vocabulary. - Aggregator - Also see: - Biology - Information Site, Search Engine - K-12 - New York, NY - France
               - United States                        
Nation Master NAVTEQ Brightstorm Answers Evernote XE Currency Converter Google Dictionary Virtual Reference Library Encyclopedia of Philosophy Intelihealth Library of Congress Illuminations Howcast Bloomberg USA Today Writeboard   TechSmith Microsoft Security Essentials Edutopia U.S. Department of Education   Smarthistory   Musee d'Orsay The Elements of Style
Contains country statistics, maps, flags, and graphs. Leading provider of premium-quality digital map data and content. Study help platform for students. Focuses on PSAT, SAT, ACT, and math. Index and search text, images, and media clipped from local documents and the Web. Currency and foreign exchange calculations using live, mid-market rates. Returns definitions from around the Web. Information resources selected by the Toronto Public Library. Hundreds of original contributions by philosophy experts and volunteers. Credible information from trusted sources. Provided by Aetna. Largest library in the world with a collection of more than 120 million items. Math resources for teachers, educators, and administrators. Professional and user-generated how-to videos. Global financial data, news, and analytics. Daily broadsheet with easy-to-read synthesis of world news. Circulation: 2,114k. Edit, share, and collaborate on web-based text documents. search engines Inexpensive, easy-to-use screen capture and recording software. Free, real-time security software for Microsoft Windows. Parenting tips and advice as well as educational activities and ideas. Educator resources from several federal agencies.   Discussion of various works and themes in art history.   Extensive collection of impressionist and post-impressionist masterpieces. Concentrates on the rules and principles of composition most commonly violated. - Almanac - Aggregator - Philosophy - Information Site - Also see: Digital Collections, Research and Reference Services - K-12 - National  |  Also see:, Backpack (subscription required) - K-12 - France
               - Finance                        
Old Farmer's Almanac World Atlas and Maps Library Cramster Ma.gnolia   Investor Words Yahoo! Directory Encyclopedia of Symbols iVillage Health New York Public Library Math Dictionary for Kids Internet Archive BBC News Wall Street Journal ZOHO Thinkfree Norton Internet Security Family Education         Museum of Fine Arts English Grammar 101
Since 1792. Tide tables, sunrise times, weather forecasts, etc. World atlas with links to regional, country, and state maps. Active community providing online tutoring and answers to academic questions. Discover, share, and discuss the best of the web at Magnolia.   Financial glossary with a comprehensive index of 7,500 definitions. Pay-for-inclusion directory from Yahoo. Dates back to 1994. 2,500 western signs and ideograms grouped by graphic characteristics. Health and wellness information for women. One of the largest public libraries in the United States. Collection of 51 million items. Very creative and concise guide to hundreds of math concepts. Collection of more than two-hundred thousand free historical videos, many academic. Britain's leading news agency providing news, analysis, and insight. Leading finance and business news publication. Circulation: 2,080k. Leading provider of free online productivity and collaboration apps. Fourth-largest search engine. Owned by InterActive Corp. Online platform for document storage and collaboration. Best-in-class among subscription-based comprehensive security packages. Advice for parents and educators plus lots of printables.         Collection encompasses 450,000 works of art from Asian scrolls to Egyptian mummies. Tutorial instruction for use in various education settings. - Almanac - Financial - Symbols - Information Site - K-5 - Language: Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish - New York, NY - K-12 - United States - Also see: Interactive Tours
    eHow Reddit Dictionary   Encyclopedia Smithsonian Mayo Clinic Open Library Math TV iTunes U CNN Washington Post   Bing ZOHO Spyware Doctor HippoCampus         Museum of Modern Art Grammar Girl
    Database of how-to articles and videos. Simple bookmarking site with numerous moderated subtopics.   Concise, easy-to-read definitions from The People's Law Dictionary.   Online resources from the Smithsonian Institution. Award-winning medical and health information for healthy living. One web page for every book ever published. Currently indexes 24 million books. Professional video lessons in mathematics. Covers basic math through calculus. Free lectures, language lessons, audiobooks, and more accessible via Apple iTunes. Among the world's leaders in news and information delivery. Washington D.C.'s oldest paper. Circulation: 670k. publishing platforms Web search engine developed by Microsoft. Leading provider of free online productivity and collaboration apps. Inexpensive spyware protection, detection, and removal. Developed by PC Tools. Multimedia lessons and course materials to assist students in self-study.         Collection reflects the vitality, complexity and patterns of modern and contemporary art. Daily blog and podcast. Features quick and dirty tips for better writing. - Legal - Encyclopedia - Information Site Apple iTunes - Apple iTunes Software - Washington D.C. - United States
    Mahalo Answers Stumble Upon   Macmillan   Europeana Med Terms Project Gutenberg Mathworld Reuters   Blogger Google     LearnHub         Museum of Online Museums HyperGrammar
    Answers site where users can offer or earn monetary rewards for high-quality answers. Web site bookmarking and social discovery service.   British English and American English dictionaries.   Digital collection of scientific and cultural texts, images, videos, and sounds. Easy-to-understand explanations of more than 16,000 medical terms. 30,000 free ebooks from the public domain to read on your PC, iPhone, Kindle, etc. Authoritative resource for math definitions and explanations of concepts. Professionally developed programming for K-12 classrooms. Leading international multimedia news agency. international newspapers Free blog publishing platform managed by Google. Preeminent search engine indexing billions of pages. personal organization   A social learning network where people teach and learn together online.         Links to numerous museums, online collections, and exhibits. Grammar reference materials from the University of Ottawa's Writing Centre. - Dictionary - Dictionary - 2-12 & Higher   |  Also see: Wolfram Alpha - Language: Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish  |  Also: Google Scholar
    Answers and advice articles for parents. Zotero   MarketingPower Dictionary   Freebase Medi Lexicon Wikibooks That Quiz Math TV   Al-Ahram Edmodo Yahoo! Evernote   Learning A-Z         Metropolitan Museum of Art MLA Style Firefox extension for collecting, managing, and citing resources.   4,000 cross-referenced definitions of marketing terms.   Open database of the world's information. Search over 200,000 medical terms, ICD-9 codes, hospitals, and more. Free library of educational textbooks that anyone can edit. Hundreds of free online quizzes to test your math knowledge. Professional video lessons in mathematics. Covers basic math through calculus. news aggregators Egyptian paper controlled by the Egyptian Ministry of Information. Private micro-blogging platform built for use by teachers and students. Second-largest Internet search engine. Index and search text, images, and media clipped from local documents and the Web.   Source for a broad selection of professional online curriculum materials.         Collection includes two million works of art spanning five thousand years of world culture. Features brief in-text parenthetical citations keyed to an alphabetical list of works cited. - Marketing - Encyclopedia - Dictionary - 6-12 - Egypt - Language: ArabicFrench - K-6 - United States - Also see: Digital Collections  |  Also: Modern Language Association
    Wiki-based Q&A service from     Mathworld Dictionary   How Stuff Works Medscape WorldCat Plus Magazine MIT Open CourseWare Breitbart China Times Edublogs   Zotero   Learning Page         Museo Nacional del Prado OWL, Online Writing Lab     Source of mathematical definitions and concept explanations.   Source for easy-to-understand explanations of how things work. Medical information for specialists, physicians, and industry professionals. Indexes collections from more than 10,000 libraries. Articles on mathematics and its applications to science, art and society. Lectures and course materials for students, teachers, and self-learners. Up-to-the-minute feeds from wires, newspapers, networks, and key blogs. One of the biggest newspapers in Taiwan. Blogging platform built specifically for teachers and students. meta search engines Firefox extension for collecting, managing, and citing resources.   Free, professionally produced worksheets and lesson plans.         Features one of the world's finest collections of European art. Writing resources and instructional material for students and teachers.
 - Math - Science - Information Site - 9-12 & Higher  |  Also see: OpenCourseWare Finder - China - Language: Chinese - K-6 - Spain
    Collaborative, wiki-based how-to manuals.     Med Terms   Medline Medical Encyclopedia (by ADAM) Medical Student   The Math Forum MIT World Digg Die Zeit Moodle Carrot2     Open Educational Resources         National Gallery of Art Technical Report Writing     Easy-to-understand explanations of more than 16,000 medical terms.   Diseases, symptoms, injuries, and more with photographs and illustrations. Links to authoritative medical information for students of medicine. social bookshelves Mathematics library and learning center by Drexel University. Guide to more than 700 interesting MIT lectures. Community-driven social news site with no editorial oversight. Highly respected German weekly broadsheet newspaper. Free course management system for creating online learning sites. Open source meta search, clustering, and search visualization engine. web browsers   Network where teachers and professors can access and share course materials.         Paintings, sculpture, and decorative arts spanning from the Middle Ages to present day. NASA manual explaining the fundamentals of writing and reviewing technical reports.
 - Medical - Medical Encyclopedia - Free Text Books - K-12 - Germany - Language: German - United States
    Yahoo! Answers                                            
    Web's leading community-powered question and answer site.     Medi Lexicon MedicineNet GoodReads Triple A Math NeoK12 Google News El Pais PBworks Clusty Chrome   OpenLearn         NYPL Digital Gallery Using English     Search over 200,000 medical terms, ICD-9 codes, hospitals, and more.   Encyclopedia aggregator. Sources include Columbia Encyclopedia and Wikipedia. Authoritative medical information for consumers. Organize and share book lists. Receive recommendations. Interactive math lessons on subjects ranging from addition to exponents. Aggregator of high-quality educational videos from around the Web. Search or browse more than 4,500 news sources. Most widely-circulated daily newspaper in Spain. Create a secure online wiki workspace to collaborate with students or fellow educators. Meta search and semantic clustering engine by Vivisimo. Features a minimalist design and fast performance. Developed by Google.   Free access to Open University course materials.         Access over 700,000 images digitized by the The New York Public Library. Resources to learn the English language for ESL, EFL, and EAP students and teachers.
 - Medical - Information Aggregator - Information Site - K-8 - Spain - Language: Spanish - Higher Education - United States
    Ask questions on any topic and get personalized answers.     Merriam Webster   Scholarpedia Medline Plus LibraryThing WebMath ResearchChannel Newsvine Frankfurter Allgemeine Posterous Dogpile Internet Explorer   ReadWriteThink         Philadelphia Museum of Art Web Style Guide     Based on the print version of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.   Peer-reviewed open-access encyclopedia written by scholars from around the world. Diseases, symptoms, injuries, and more with photographs and illustrations. Share book lists and receive recommendations from other book lovers. Generates easy-to-understand explanations to math problems in real-time. 3,500 videos from distinguished researchers and scholars. Aggregates and sorts stories from established media and independent journalists. National German newspaper with wide international circulation. Dead simple blogging platform. Infospace's leading meta search engine. Searches Ask, Bing, Google, and Yahoo. The current market-leading Web browser from Microsoft.   Lesson plans, student interactives, and professional development resources.         225,000 works encompassing some of the greatest achievements of human creativity. Sets out basic design and editorial principles for building Web sites.
 - Dictionary - Government - 2-12 - Germany - Language: German - K-12 - United States
          Merriam Webster Visual Dictionary   Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Merck Manuals Shelfari   PBS Yahoo! News Jerusalem Post Tumblr iSEEK Firefox   Scholastic for Teachers         Smithsonian American Art Museum Web Typography
          6,000 full-color images; 20,000 terms with contextual definitions.   Hundreds of refereed encyclopedia entries. The world's most widely-used medical guides, available online. Build and share your virtual bookshelf. Discover, rate, and discuss books. math games Free videos from your favorite PBS programs, including NOVA and Frontline. Search or browse the latest headlines from around the world. Israeli daily English-language newspaper. Moderate in tone. Incredibly simple blog platform that is ideal for blogging novices. Clustering and meta search engine by Vantage Research. Popular browser with thousands of available add-ons. Developed by Mozilla.   Lesson plans, student activities, and video clips for teachers.         Collection captures the character and imagination of Americans through three centuries. A guide to the elements of typographic style as applied to the Web.
 - Dictionary - Philosophy - Information Site - Israel - Language: English  |  Also see: Firefox Add-ons - K-12 - United States
          Net Lingo   Who2 National Institutes of Health   Cool Math ScholarSpot   JoongAng Ilbo Twitter Opera   Teacher Resources at PBS         State Hermitage Museum wikiHow: English
          Definitions for thousands of terms in the field of technology and communication.   Encyclopedia of more than 3,000 famous people and fictional characters. Focal point for medical research in the United States.   Math games, puzzles, and lessons. Educational video aggregator with a very simple user interface.   Conservative daily newspaper published in Seoul. Post status updates to the Web with this popular microblogging platform. Meta search engine developed by Copernic. Feature-rich browser with tightly integrated web services.   High quality classroom materials for preK-12 education.         Three million works of art and artifacts representing Russian and world culture. Collaborative, wiki-based guides covering composition, grammar, and vocabulary.
 - Technology - Famous People - Government - K-10 - South Korea - Language: EnglishKorean - K-12 - Russia
          OneLook   Wikipedia Revolution Health   Math is Fun SchoolTube   Haaretz TypePad   Safari   Teachers' Domain         Rijks Museum  
          Meta-search tool indexing 13 million words from 1,000 dictionaries.   Find more than 2,000,000 entries, written and edited by users. Comprehensive health and medical information site, designed with women in mind.   Easy-to-understand math puzzles, games, and worksheets. Video sharing platform for schools featuring original content created by students.   Israeli newspaper covering daily news, social issues, and politics. Solid blogging platform for intermediate-level bloggers.   Default browser on Apple platforms with a very simple user interface.   Library of free media resources from public television.         Massive selection of Dutch paintings from the Golden Age.  
 - Also see: OneLook Reverse Dictionary - Encyclopedia - Information Site - K-5 - Israel - Language: EnglishHebrew - K-12 - Netherlands  
          Oxford Compact   World Book RxList   Math Playground SnagFilms   Kathimerini Wikispaces       Teachers TV         Victoria and Albert Museum  
          Oxford's Compact English Dictionary contains 145,000 words and definitions.   Traditional encyclopedia in print since 1917. Subscription required. Drug information for consumers and medical health professionals.   Interactive math lessons on subjects ranging from addition to exponents. Library of free, full-length documentary films.   Greece's most-respected daily newspaper; conservative in tone. Slightly easier for novices to manage than PBworks and very popular among educators.       Engaging, professional videos and practical resources for educator development.         Museum of decorative arts and design, housing a collection of 4.5 million objects.  
 - Dictionary - Encyclopedia - Information Site - K-8 - Greece - Language: EnglishGreek - United Kingdom  
          Roget's Thesaurus   World Digital Library WebMD     Teachers TV   Korea Times WordPress         TATE  
          Over 17,000 entries. Find synonyms, antonyms, and brief definitions.   Archive of primary materials from cultures around the world. Thousands of medical entries from abdomen to zygote.     Engaging, professional videos and practical resources for educator development.   Oldest English-language newspaper published in South Korea. Best-in-class hosted blogging solution. Robust features, customization, and stats.       Social tools, lesson plans, and advice column for teachers.         Family of four galleries housing twentieth century British and international art.  
 - Thesaurus - Encyclopedia - Information Site - South Korea - Language: EnglishKorean - United Kingdom  
          The Free Dictionary           TeacherTube   Le Monde         Teachers First         Web Gallery of Art  
          General and subject dictionaries for financial, legal, and medical terms.     medical journals     Online aggregator of educational videos.   Daily evening newspaper. Considered to be France's newspaper of record. book publishing       Collection of lessons, units, and web resources in a user-friendly and ad-free format.         European paintings and sculptures of the Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque periods.  
  - France - Language: French - Hungary  
          Urban Dictionary     BioMed Central     TED   Nihon Keizai Shimbun Blurb       Teacher Vision            
          Dictionary of contemporary American slang. Not appropriate for children.     Provides open access to hundreds of peer-reviewed medical journals.     Fascinating presentations by the world's leading thinkers and doers.   Leading financial and business news publication in Japan. Photobook design and printing solution for photographers.       Classroom-ready lesson plans, printables, and resources.            
 - Slang - Free Medical Journals - Japan - Language: EnglishJapanese - K-12            
          Visual Thesaurus     Free Medical Journals     Videojug   Straits Times Lulu       Teachnology            
          Displays a unique visualization of connections between words.     Site that promotes and links to free full-text medical journals and resources.     Collection of videos from professors, professionals, coaches, teachers, and consultants.   Most widely read newspaper in Singapore; authoritative provider of news. Publish and sell print-on-demand books.       Online resources for educators including worksheets, lesson plans, rubrics, and more.            
 - Thesaurus - Also: Free Medical Books - Singapore - Language: English - K-12            
          WebMD Medical Dictionary     The most widely circulated peer-reviewed medical journal in the world.     WatchKnow   The Guardian         Thirteen Ed Online            
          Thousands of medical entries from abdomen to zygote. - Medical Journal     Comprehensive online directory of educational videos aggregated from across the Web.   Berliner format British newspaper. Circulation: 330k.         Lesson plans, classroom activities, multimedia, and links to curriculum-based sites.            
 - Medical     New England Journal of Medicine - United Kingdom - Language: English            
                Publishes new medical research findings, review articles, and editorial opinion.                                
          Webopedia - Medical Journal     WonderHowTo   The National Post                      
          Dictionary for computer and Internet terms.     PubMed Central     Search engine and directory of free how-to videos.   Canadian newspaper with a conservative editorial stance.                      
 - Technology     Free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature. - Canada                      
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                          Berliner format British newspaper. Circulation: 330k.                      
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                          Canadian newspaper with a conservative editorial stance.                      
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